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Wisdom of Master Nagano: Foundational Training Program

-Tsuyoshi Shimamura, L.Ac. (Japan)

November 2018- February 2020
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$1,975 (Professionals)
$1,425 (Students)
52 NCCAOM PDAs (Approved; 13/module)
California CEUs  (Approved; 13/module)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event

Additional Details...

 Master Kiyoshi Nagano mentored two prominent Japanese acupuncturists:

Kiiko Matsumoto & Tsuyoshi Shimamura

"I created a System that allows acupuncturists to appropriately treat the Root"

-Master Nagano 

In this program, Shimamura-sensei will share his knowledge & experience; 

you will become proficient in Master Nagano’s diagnostic & treatment methods

Why study this system?
"Our goal as medical practitioners is to treat each patient appropriately & effectively.  In my years of practicing what Master Nagano has taught me, I continue to experience the wisdom of exploring the depth of this theory, the precision of the evaluation and beauty of the treatments."


"I look forward to meeting you and learning with you! You will become more confident treating your patients. Moreover, you will learn techniques to advise patients with self-care. Your patients will feel the benefits, leading to a happier 'state-of-mind'. In turn, this provides us increased motivation to study further and work harder to deliver results that patients enjoy!" -Tsuyoshi Shimamura

Friday Night Study Q&A (7-9pm)

On the Friday night prior to each module Shimamura-sensei has made himself available for intimate 20 minute Q&A sessions. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions & deepen your knowledge directly with Shimamura-sensei; SEiSH will be present to assist. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss! 


The Q&A opportunity is for 2 students per 20 minute session and requires pre-registration (coming soon).  The aim is to provide direct access to Shimamura-sensei in an informal setting.

Whole Foods

1210 NW Couch St,

Portland, OR 97209

Module Dates & Hours

  • November 3-4, 2018; Foundations 1:  Diagnosis & Treatment of Stomach Qi, Kidney Qi, and Blood stagnation; Practitioner self-treatment

    • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5

  • February 9-10, 2019; Foundations 2: Diagnosis & Treatment of Liver;  Advanced treatments of Stomach Qi; Diagnosis & Treatment of Stagnation within the Head

    • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5

  • June 1-2, 2019 Lower Body: Musculoskeletal issues of the lower body; Post-foundational treatment; Application of manual techniques, Dashin (striking needle) and when to 'treat' vs. 'balance' 

    • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5

  • November 2-3, 2019; Upper Body: Musculoskeletal issues of the upper body; Post-foundational treatment; Concepts of “muscle adjustments” and when to 'treat' vs. 'balance' 

    • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5

  • February 1-2, 2020; Foundations 3: Review of all material; How to treat the core/pivot of abdomen

    • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5

Click here to see an outline of each module from the 2017-18 Training

Event & Travel Details...

-Each module is held at OCOM (75 Couch St, Portland OR 97209)

-OCOM is accessible via MAX light rail, with a Max stop out front via red or blue line

[Old Town/China Town Or Skidmore Fountain]

-The MAX runs from the airport direct to OCOM in ~45minutes (see here)

-Parking is limited; there is a SmartPark garage next door to OCOM

-Lodging options abound and a car is not needed; we suggest something near the max line or within walking distance to OCOM (China Town). Here's a map with lodging nearby, this may be a good place to start. Air BnB is also an option with plenty to chose from. 

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