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Wisdom of Master Nagano: Foundational Training Program

-Tsuyoshi Shimamura, L.Ac. (Japan)

November 2018- February 2020
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$1,975 (Professionals)
$1,425 (Students)
52 NCCAOM PDAs (Approved; 13/module)
California CEUs (Approved; 13/module)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*
“Viewing a demonstration is one thing; doing the treatment is another.
I will train you until your hands can understand fluently what I teach.”
-Tsuyoshi Shimamura

Module Dates

  • November 3-4, 2018; Foundations 1:  Diagnosis & Treatment of Stomach Qi, Kidney Qi, and Blood stagnation; Practitioner self-treatment

  • February 9-10, 2019; Foundations 2: Diagnosis & Treatment of Liver;  Advanced treatments of Stomach Qi; Diagnosis & Treatment of Stagnation within the Head

  • June 1-2, 2019 Lower Body: Musculoskeletal issues of the lower body; Post-foundational treatment; Application of manual techniques, Dashin (striking needle) and when to 'treat' vs. 'balance' 

  • November 2-3, 2019; Upper Body: Musculoskeletal issues of the upper body; Post-foundational treatment; Concepts of “muscle adjustments” and when to 'treat' vs. 'balance' 

  • February 1-2, 2020; Foundations 3: Review of all material; How to treat the core/pivot of abdomen


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For over 50 years, Master Kiyoshi Nagano used his extraordinary palpation and pulse diagnostic skills to develop unique & ingenious acupuncture strategies. Often referred to as a ‘lone-wolf’ and seen as unorthodox in his theory & style, he mentored two prominent Japanese acupuncturists: Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsuyoshi Shimamura. In this program, Mr. Shimamura will share his knowledge & experience; you will become proficient in Master Nagano’s diagnostic & treatment methods.


This introductory series is ideal for practitioners and students (no experience necessary) who are called to work in a gentle manner that is informed both by classical and modern sources. The value of studying with a master practitioner is that you can leap ahead years in your development in a short time! 

What Can I Expect to Learn?

  • Foundation of Master Nagano’s treatment methods and strategies: Postnatal Qi & Prenatal Qi, Concepts of flow

  • How to use acupuncture points to diagnose and treat

  • Understand when to “treat” vs. “balance” the body in regards to musculoskeletal treatment

  • Enhanced understanding of how acupuncture points move/change & how to locate them

  • Review of muscle origins/insertions, including muscle membrane and inflammatory concepts & application to patient function

  • Enhanced palpation techniques, essential to detect changes in tissue and location of acupoints

  • Treatment of pain from psycho-somatic, somato-somatic, and visceral-somatic presentations

  • Unique teishin, te-ah-te, and moxibustion techniques

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The majority of this training is hands on and will focus on anatomy & physiology, as well as Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) theory. Fluency in Traditional East Asian Medicine theory is important; yet, we must not omit the knowledge of anatomy and physiology. None of these disciplines are to be studied for memorization purposes; they should guide your thought process during treatment. This training will integrate both medical worlds with various perspectives on treatment approaches. Students will learn the connection of TEAM theory with acupuncture points via palpation, clinical results, and anatomy and physiology. TEAM theory will include: Yin & Yang, 5 elements, and Pi Wei Lun. S


"In this program, Mr. Shimamura will share his knowledge & experience working with Master Nagano; you will become proficient in treatment strategies and acupuncture technique passed down from Master Nagano to Mr. Shimamura. "

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Instructor Bio

Tsuyoshi Shimamura, LAc (Japan)

Shimamura sensei obtained licensure as an Acupuncturist and Moxibustionist in Japan in 1995 after completing studies at Meiji Acupuncture and Moxibustion College. He was fortunate to undertake a live-in apprenticeship with Master Nagano during the final years of Master Nagano’s life, living and working with him between 1997 and 2000 as his closest apprentice. Shimamura sensei not only inherited a vast amount of Master Nagano’s teachings, techniques and theories, but also gained an important insight into his character.

Tsuyoshi Shimamura is a member of the Japan Acupuncturist Association, and has also published articles and DVDs for Ido-No-Nippon. Since 2006, Shimamura sensei has been teaching seminars on the acupuncture and diagnostic methods he learned during his time with Master Nagano, and has also taught Shiatsu, physical therapy, Bone-Setting and cosmetic applications in Japan. Shimamura sensei currently develops what he has learned with Master Nagano personally during their time together, and what he has learned from Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto. As a result Shimamura sensei focuses on teaching openly and passionately, that which he learned directly from Master Nagano and Kiiko Matsumoto. Shimamura sensei has impressed international students with his clarity and depth of understanding, his mindful presence, and his commitment to sharing Master Nagano’s legacy. He  runs clinics in Hiroshima and Ooita, Japan, and holds a 1st Degree Black-Belt in Judo.

Interpreter Bio

Seishiro Hokazono LAc

Born and raised in Japan, and now a citizen of the US, Seishiro graduated from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and undertook further studies in Meridian-style Acupuncture and Moxibustion with Aizawa Sensei in Tokyo, Japan from 2006-2007. Seishiro then studied modified KSA and Integrated Synergy Therapeutics under Nakano Sensei in 2008 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. From 2008 onwards Seishiro developed very sound knowledge and skills in Kiiko Style Acupuncture.


He is a student of Aizawa sensei of Keiraku Chiryo Gakkai, a student of Dr. Nakano of Integrative Synergy Therapeutic (IST), and now a follower of Shimamura sensei.  He edited an IST book for Dr. Nakano in 2013.  He has assisted both Dr. Nakano and Shimamura sensei on many seminar projects.  He also gives talk to community on acupuncture for pain and stress since 2012. Due to his exceptional linguistic skills in Japanese and English and experience with interpreting specific to acupuncture, Seishiro has been selected as interpreter to Mr Shimamura, to assist English speaking students to learn Master Nagano’s Acupuncture techniques, diagnosis and theory through Mr Shimamura. Seishiro is in full-time practice in Albany, Oregon, and also holds a 1st Degree Black-Belt in Judo.

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