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 Treating the 'Heart': 

Teishin Techniques for Trauma, PTSD, and Depression

-Takahiro Funemizu Sensei, LAc (Japan)

September 22 -23, 2018
(9am - 5pm)
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$395 (Professionals)
$285 (Students)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*
This Seminar is Full.

We will practice, practice, practice until our hands really get it...

Join us to learn new & unique techniques with the Teishin

“Funemizu is considered one of a new wave of dynamic Japanese Sensei. He is one of the leading young master teachers of Japan’s Meridian Therapy Association..."-Dr. Jeffrey Dann

New to Teishin Needling?

This workshop is ideal practitioners looking to work in a more gentle manner, with a focus on non-insertive techniques. No experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine is necessary. Although the techniques are gentle in nature, the effects are profound and immediate. This seminar will focus on Teishin use and a new & unique approach refined by Funemizu-sensei.

You will learn new skills that can be immediately applied into your clinical practice.


Studied with Funemizu-sensei Before?

This is a wonderful way to DEEPEN your knowledge. Funemizu-sensei has refined many techniques & applications since his last visit in 2014; we hope you will join us!

Brief Overview of Seminar...

In this seminar we have asked Funemizu-sensei to focus on his unique application of Teishin use. He will cover:

  • What the right and left hands should be doing,

  • What to be aware of (with your hands),

  • How to find points to treat,

  • How to know if they points need to be tonified or reduced.

This event will teach you unique techniques for treating the mind and spirit. Sensei Takahiro Funemizu has a dynamic teaching style and obvious technical skills that are readily transmissible. These include a wide variety of “fine touch” techniques not widely used in North America, such as sesshokushin and sanshin. You will learn a variety of non-insertive techniques with various Teishin tools for deficiency, stress, and shen disturbances. These techniques are easily understood and applied clinically to effectively sooth the Body-Mind.


You will learn graceful “katas” or protocols to elicit deep relaxation and balance with the gentle and effective Meridian Therapy. In addition to common conditions of the back, abdomen and head, facial acupuncture will also be covered. These techniques have been refined and clinically applied treating victims of the Japan earthquake- tsunami. The techniques are applicable for a wide range of mental-health conditions, including insomnia, depression, PTSD, anxiety & shock, and are comfortable & effective for patients, young or old. 

At the completion of this seminar you will:

  • Understand the Japanese five-element approach to Heart Shock Trauma

  • Be competent in providing basic Teishin techniques for root treatment

  • Be competent in providing manual and non-invasive stimulation using acupuncture tools, e.g. Teshin

  • Appreciate & explore whole body treatment using Japanese diagnostic and stimulation techniques


                                                      Instructor Bio

                                                                  The senior masters of Meridian Therapy, Shudo Denmei, Ikeda Masakazu, and Okada                                                                        Akizo are passing the baton to the next wave of dynamic younger teachers. One of the                                                                     rising stars is Sensei Takahiro Funemizu.


Funemizu-sensei is an Instructor and Clinical Practitioner at Kuretake School of Therapeutics in Tokyo. He is a long time student of Meridian Therapy and studies particularly the Tanba Style taught by Meridian Therapy Society Chairman, Okada Akizo Sensei. Funemizu-sensei primarily treats depression, anxiety and mental health associated conditions.


Based on his clinical experience, facial acupuncture is often included into treatments. Funemizu-sensei has found that using facial rejuvenation (especially with women) improves the efficacy of treatments for depression. In addition, he has been refining his Teishin techniques & has designed a new-style Teishin

Funemizu-sensei has authored books and publications and is currently serving as: Chairperson of Tokyo Therapeutic Institute; Councilor of Traditional Japanese Medicine; Administrative Manager, The Japan Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society; and the Director of the Acupuncture Society.

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