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Yin Yang Teishin Pulsing

-Stephen Schleipfer, MSOM, LAc

-Assisted by Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc

October 15-16, 2017
(9am - 5pm)
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$335 (Professionals)
$255 (Students)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*
“For patients, this technique is comfortable and so relaxing; in many instances severe pain is quickly reduced.”
-Robert Quinn

This seminar is ideal for practitioners interested in working with highly effective, non-insertion needling techniques. An offshoot of the gentle qigong tuina system, Yin-Yang Teishin Pulsing is a highly useful technique that is easily learned, allowing immediate transfer into clinical practice.


Stephen will introduce foundational qigong practices involving breath, posture, subtle movements, and directed attention. He will then show how these same principles can be used in a treatment with a teishin. Our time will be spent in actual practice and exercise sets, although ample time will be allowed for questions and answers.



More on the Event...

Yin Yang Teishin Pulsing operates at a subtle level, much like its cousin, qigong tuina, a gentle system of bodywork that utilizes the expansion (yang) and contraction (yin) of tissues and meridians. Seminar participants will advance their palpation and manual skills to a new level of subtlety and perception. Very gentle treatment with Yin-Yang Teishin Pulsing can lead to surprising clinical results in a relatively short time frame. In the seminar students will practice qi and tissue state sensitivity exercises as well as qi development work. Teishin techniques will be the main focus.

Brief Overview of Seminar...

Day 1 

We will first discuss and explore the basic principle of yin-yang as alternating expansion and contraction of the jinjing. The main goal of the first day will be to expand our normal awareness of touch to include this yin-yang pulsing in the tissues. Various qigong exercises will be used to illuminate the principles at play. Techniques for effective Teishin use will be introduced with several practice sets. (Teishin will be available for sale.)

Day 2

Diagnostic and application techniques of Yin Yang Teishin Pulsing will be discussed in further detail with ample time for paired partner practice. Demonstrations will allow attendees to see the ease of integration into clinical practice. 

Instructor Bio

Stephen Schleipfer, LAc, MSOM

Stephen has been studying East Asian martial arts and healing arts since he was a teenager in South Africa. In recent years his focus has turned exclusively to the healing arts. He has studied extensively with Bruce Frantzis, Michael Winn, Damo Mitchell, Bernard Shannon, and many other well-regarded practitioners, and he synthesizes their work beautifully. He holds a master’s degree in the practice of Chinese medicine and maintains a practice in SW Portland. He will be assisted in the seminar by Bob Quinn.

More info on Stephen here...

Robert Quinn, DAOM

Bob is an Associate Professor in the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM (formerly NCNM). He teaches Asian Bodywork, Japanese Meridian Therapy, Pediatrics, and Advanced Palpation and Perception. In addition he regularly supervises student interns in the NUNM Clinic. Bob has studied with a number of Japanese master practitioners who use the teishin extensively in their practices, including Anryu Iwashina (Dr. Bear), Takahiro Funamizu, and Shoji Kobayashi.

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