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 A Gathering of Sotai Teachers from Near and Far...
-Stephen Brown, Hiro Komatsu, Jeffrey Dann & Bob Quinn
May 6-7, 2023 (Sat & Sun 9-6 PDT)

$325 (Professionals) / $260 (Students)

16 NCCAOM/CA PDAs (Approved)*

Registration refund policy: 90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event

No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event

*This course is pending approval by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number #1137, for 16 hours of continuing education 

Join us online to connect with four renowned Sotai instructors from across the Globe!


This Sotai seminar is for both beginners and advanced students

Learn to identify key areas to assess your patients needs and

which Sotai moves to use 

Move beyond the basic Sotai principles; 

design your own unique contemporary Sotai moves 

"Experience the Contemporary Sōtai of
Hiro Komatsu."
-Jeffrey Dann, PhD

New to Sotai?

It is an ingenious system of movement-bodywork designed to bring about neurological reeducation. It is the lifework of Keizo Hashimoto, MD who succinctly described it as “a gentle medicine.” In Sotai we use gentle comfortable movements performed in the direction of ease. Regulated breathing is part of the system, as is practitioner-offered resistance at a certain point in the movements. For all its simplicity, it is a surprisingly effective system of healing.

Pillars of Health

 Dr. Hashimoto identified four pillars of healing: 1) Breath; 2) Movement; 3) Diet; 4) Mind (right thinking, right attitude). He later added a 5th pillar: the environment as a key principle of health.


This seminar will showcase 4 approaches to Sotai:

  • Stephen Brown: The original Sotai of Dr. Hashimoto; Stephen translated Hashimoto’s book into English

  • Hiro Komatsu : Skin Sotai

  • Bob Quinn: Yin Sotai

  • Jeffrey Dann: Refined Cervical Sotai



After this seminar you will be able to integrate Sotai into your practice. 


Experienced practitioners

Many of you have been asking for this seminar for some time now— don’t miss your opportunity to dive in and enrich your practice with 4 instuctors!

Brief Overview of Seminar...

This is an online seminar (zoom) and will be available for re-viewing for ~1-month. This is the ideal learning experience. Every effort is being taken to ensure good camera angles, so that participants can pick up the techniques being demonstrated. Ideally participants have a partner at home on whom they can practice in real time. Each day we will break from 1-2pm (PST) for a rest & lunch...


Saturday May 6th (9am-6pm PDT; ; Click here for Time zone conversions)

The morning starts with a review of the basic principles of Sotai, presented by Stephen Brown. He will create the context for what is to follow. Hiro will be joining us for the 2nd half of the day at 2pm PST (7am Tokyo). He will demonstrate his ingenious system of treatment of the skin-fascia complex in a Sotai-like manner. Abdomen and the back will both be demonstrated. Stephen Brown will translate as needed.


Sunday May 7th (9am-6pm PDT; Click here for Time zone conversions)

The morning starts off with Bob Quinn, who will outline how he ended up reducing the movement effort of the patient to an almost homeopathic level in his Yin Sotai, as well as other elements of that style. The afternoon will feature Jeffrey Dann, who will review relevant cervical anatomy before launching into his clever use of micro-movements in the neck to create release of constrictions and ease in movement. 



  • Learn how to apply Sotai principles for rapid pain relief

  • Ability to integrate techniques into practice to improve outcomes.

  • Understand Dr. Hashimoto’s “secret” that delivers whole body results with simple local movements

  • Identify key body assessments for your patients and which Sotai moves to perform

  • Understand how to expand beyond the basic Sotai principles to design your own unique Sotai moves

Instructor Bios

Stephen Brown, LAc

Stephen was born and raised in Japan and is at ease with its language and culture. He returned to Japan in 1979 to study shiatsu, acupuncture and moxibustion. He graduated from Japan Central Acupuncture College in Tokyo in 1983, and learned about Sōtai soon after and translated the text Sōtai: Balance and Health Through Natural Movement. Living in the Seattle area since 1986, he has been teaching and practicing shiatsu and acupuncture ever since. Stephen is currently a core faculty member of Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, where he teaches and supervises in clinics for shiatsu, Sōtai, Japanese styles of acupuncture and moxibustion.

Hiroaki Komatsu (Sotai specialist; Licensed Anma, Massage & Shiatsu therapist)

Hiroaki was born in Tokyo and now lives and practices in Kyoto. He studied Sōtai with Maruzumi Kazuo, a disciple of Hashimoto Keizo, among others. He opened his Sōtai therapy center, Akatoki-An, in 2010 and he sees patients from all over the world (over 20 countries) as well as from Japan. With a deep interest in martial arts and spiritual disciplines, he has taught collaborative seminars blending Sōtai with Qigong, meditation, as well as aspects of traditional kobudo martial arts. He calls this blended new approach Sōtai Intuitivo. He has also worked to bring together the students of Dr. Hashimoto Keizo to host events in Sendai (where Dr. Hashimoto lived) recalling Dr. Hashimoto while he was still living and working, so that the next generation of Sotai practitioners can benefit from these stories and information. This will be Hiroaki's 2nd visit to the US and first time to Portland. Read more on the instructor here... 

Jeffrey Dann, PhD, LAc

Jeffrey is the founder of the Koshi Balancing™ Method, has been an educator and community health practitioner   for the past 40 years. A respected acupuncture teacher, he has taught internationally as well as at national             conventions and for doctoral programs on both coasts. His practice is informed by Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation. His Koshi Balancing integrates acupuncture meridian work with several different Japanese bodywork systems. He practices in Boulder, CO where he is also director of the Aloha Wellness Associates Clinic.

Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc

Bob has been studying various Japanese acupuncture, moxa, and bodywork styles since 1999. He has found an eclectic way to incorporate elements of these styles into a coherent whole. Much of his clinical work is now done with teishin, moxa and bodywork instead of normal insertive acupuncture. Until recently he taught full-time in the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM in Portland, OR.

Traditional Japanese Medicine Seminars of Portland; CA CE Provider #1137


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