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Daishi Shonihari:

Essentials of Non-insertion Pediatric Acupuncture 

-Junko Shuto, LAc (Japan)

October 14-15, 2017
(9am - 5pm)
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$395 (Professionals)
$285 (Students)
13 NCCAOM  & CA PDAs (Approved)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*

This seminar provides an overview of the family lineage of Daishi Shonihari from Tanioka-sensei’s daughter, Junko Shuto.


Treatment approaches for common pediatric conditions will be discussed & treatment protocols will be covered with ample time for practice.

Join us to learn the foundational aspects of effective pediatric treatments

Come learn the leading pediatric acupuncture style in Japan, Daishi Shonihari

New to Shonihari?

This workshop is ideal practitioners looking to work with in a more gentle manner, with a focus on non-insertive techniques. No experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine is necessary. Although the techniques are designed for pediatric patients, the techniques can be used on anyone. This seminar will focus on the foundational aspects of this family lineage. 


You will learn new skills that can be immediately applied into your clinical practice.


  • How to recognize & treat common pediatric complaints

  • Unique diagnostic techniques; special emphasis refinement of palpation

  • How to adjust Daishi Shonihari techniques based on age & health of the patient

  • How to provide whole-body treatments for all ages

Studied with Tanioka-sensei  Before?

This is a wonderful way to DEEPEN your knowledge & to learn from his daughter Shuto-sensei!.

Brief Overview of Seminar...

Shonihari (sho=small; ni=child; hari=classical acupuncture) is a specialized pediatric style of acupuncture that developed in the 1700s in the Osaka region of Japan. It offers safe and gentle treatment using special pediatric needles and other tools lightly stroked or tapped on acupuncture points and meridians. Needles are not inserted into the skin. Daishi Shonihari is the leading pediatric acupuncture style in Japan. It incorporates a unique stroking technique with the daishi needle, an affordable tool particular to this style.

Day 1

This seminar begins with an introduction to Daishi shonihari by watching treatments (video). Emphasis will be placed on treatment flow, patient-practitioner-parent interactions and the use of treatment tools. We will work in groups to help one another build skills and gain feedback. Treatment demonstrations will assist in understanding how to incorporate these skills into your practice. Ample time will be given for Q&A.


Day 2:

We begin with a review of concepts and techniques from Day 1. We then will move on to diagnostic techniques, including abdominal palpation. Adjunctive treatments will also be covered, including moxibustion techniques. Our focus will be on management of common pediatric symptoms. The seminar concludes with ample time provided for Q&A.

Instructor Bio

Junko Shuto-Sensei

Junko Shuto is the daughter of Masanori Tanioka-sensei. Health concerns make it impossible for Tanioka-sensei to travel from Japan, so he is sending his daughter in the full knowledge that her decades of clinical and teaching experience equip her well to represent the family lineage (established in 1888). Shuto-sensei began her studies at an early age under the watch of her father and later graduated from Osaka Acupuncture College in 1997 (now Morinomiya Medical School). She is Vice President of the Society of Taishi Shoni-Hari. She has been an acupuncturist on-site at kindergartens and has provided home-visiting Acupuncture care for children of all ages. She is regarded as a master in the field and excited to be coming to Portland.

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