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 Traditional Japanese Medicine Seminars of Portland; CA CE Provider #1137 (503-372-6463)
A Gathering of Moxa
Senior Teachers

Online Immersion into Japanese Moxibustion
-Yuki Itaya, Merlin Young, & Mark Petruzzi

December 10th & 11th, 2022
8am - 4pm PST*
This is an Online Webinar

$325 (Professionals)
$260 (Students)

15 NCCAOM/CA (Category 1**) PDAs (Approved)
*It is difficult to find times that work for Europe and the US, but we have done our best to find a time that works for our teachers and our main audience.
**This course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number #1137, for 15 hours of continuing education 

Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event

Moxa and acupuncture are like broth and noodles—one can eat noodles without broth and one can drink broth without noodles, but they are far better served together.

In this online seminar we will explore a number of popular moxa styles: Mizutani style with Mark Petruzzi, Itaya-Mukaino style with Yuki Itaya, and Dr. Hara style with Merlin Young. In addition, Merlin Young will cover the preliminary research into the treatment of post-COVID conditions with moxa. All in all, it promises to be a memorable event!

To get the maximum benefit from the seminar we suggest you line up a model to work with as the seminar progresses. As our teachers demonstrate techniques and treatment strategies, you will learn best if you immediately do the techniques on your model. Additionally, we recommend you watch the seminar more than once. This is clear advantage of an online seminar—you can watch it many times. After the conclusion of the seminar, we will send out a link that will stay live for a month.


In this two-day online webinar, you will:

  1. Build the skills to perform moxa treatments in the Mizutani, Hara and Mukaino systems & the the relative 'strengths' of each

  2. Understand the current state of research into moxibustion

  3. Learn how to help patients do self-moxa treatments at home (post COVID conditions)

A Gathering of Senior Moxa Teachers


We find ourselves in an exciting time of resurgence of interest in direct moxibustion. In this seminar we explore the work of three modern masters: Dr. Hara, Junji Mizutani, and Dr. Mukaino’s M-Test system. We will also explore what we know of moxa from the modern research perspective.

This workshop is designed for students, novice and experienced practitioners; no experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine or Moxa is necessary. Our focus throughout will be on practical skill development with a focus on the various moxa techniques. As such, it is appropriate for non-acupuncturists too.

Brief Overview of Seminar...

In this course Merlin Young, Mark Petruzzi, and Yuki Itaya explore their work and that of their teachers in moxibustion. Merlin Young has for many years been a member of the Toyohari community and has conducted groundbreaking research in Africa with a population of TB patients. He is also the author of our best book on moxa, The Moon over Matsushima: Insights into Moxa and Mugwort.


Mark Petruzzi is a long-time teacher of Japanese Meridian Therapy. He also has a background in dance and the martial arts. He leads a comprehensive training in Japanese Acupuncture and Moxa on the East Coast. He has long collaborated with Junji Mizutani and teaches his style here in this seminar with Junji’s blessing.


Yuki Itaya has been doing moxa treatments for most of her life, starting as a young girl apprenticed to a veterinarian treating cows with moxa to increase their fertility. She has studied with many notable figures in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. She is the only one in the West authorized to teach Dr. Mukaino’s M-Test style and Mrs. Koshiishi’s unique moxa style. 


This course will focus on the practical applications of elements of the Hara, Mizutani, and Itaya-Mukaino M-Test moxa styles. The goal is to have participants emerge​ with new skills they can take right into the clinic.


Day one...

Merlin Young introduces in the morning Dr. Hara’s research and techniques for moxibustion. Hara’s famous low back protocol of eight points will be demonstrated. We will then moxa on to discuss how to use moxa to help with Long COVID symptoms.


In the afternoon we shift to Mark Petruzzi who will demonstrate how to perform Mizutani style treatments using the bamboo tube. He will show the zig-zag and local treatment techniques. He will also share Junji’s insights into the importance of the autonomic nervous system. 


Day Two... 

Yuki Itaya will lead us in a day-lonmg exploration of the Mukaino M-Test system and how she has adapted it with her unique style of moxa. Dr. Mukaino has developed an innovative, light-touch method for dealing with all sorts of structural imbalances and pain. He typically uses press tack or other press on products, but Yuki has developed a way to use moxa instead.

At the completion of this seminar, participants will emerge with/be able to:​​

  • Able to locate the 8 Dr. Hara low back treatment points

  • Understanding what we currently know from moxa research

  • Knowing four viable Long COVID treatment protocols

  • Knowing how to teach a patient to do moxa

  • Able to perform a zig-zag moxa treatment

  • Able to perform local treatment as in the Mizutani style

  • Able to perform large cone Koshiishi technique

  • Able to utilize the Mukaino M-Test system

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Instructor Bios

Yuki Itaya

Yuki Itaya, a native of Japan, also practices in the UK. She is the only one in the West authorized by Mrs. Koshiishi to teach her moxa style. Mrs. Koshiishi uses only moxa—no needles, no teishin, no bodywork. She is famous for her successful treatment of chronic and difficult diseases. Yuki is also a longtime teacher of Dr. Mukaino’s M-Test system.

Merlin Young

Merlin Young is one of the founders of Moxafrica, a ground-breaking organization that conducted and published groundbreaking research on the use of moxa in the treatment of TB. He is a longtime Toyohari style practitioner in the UK. 

Mark Petruzzi

Mark Petruzzi is the founder of the post-graduate Traditional Japanese Acupuncture Institute on Long Island, outside New York City. He is long-time practitioner of Japanese Meridian Therapy. He teaches the Mizutani style with the blessings of Junji Mizutani. The Mizutani style has helped to reignite interest in moxa around the world for the last 30 years. It uses a bamboo tube that is placed over burning half-rice moxa cones. It combines pressure, rhythm, and heat and is a wonderful experience for the patient. 

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