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Deepening Daishi Shonihari:

Delving into Japanese

Pediatric Acupuncture

-Sensei T. Koei Kuwahara, LAc

December 2-3, 2017
(9am - 5pm)
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
$395 (Professionals)
$285 (Students)
13 NCCAOM  & CA PDAs (Approved)
Registration refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*

Kuahara-sensei has been practicing for 40+ years!

This seminar is designed to DEEPEN and EXPAND your knowledge. Enhance your pulse diagnostics and Teishin techniques; expand your clinical practice.


Treatment approaches for common pediatric conditions will be discussed & treatment protocols will be covered with ample time for practice.


Expand your practice & learn treatment options for children.

Shoni Hari is a gentle and effective treatment that does not require needle insertion.

Learn & Delve Deeper into Daishi Shonihari; #1 Pediatric Acupuncture Style in Japan

New to Shoni Hari?

This workshop is ideal practitioners looking to work with in a more gentle manner, with a focus on non-insertive techniques. No experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine is necessary. Although the techniques are designed for pediatric patients, the techniques can be used on anyone. This seminar will focus on the foundational aspects of this family lineage. 


You will learn new skills that can be immediately applied into your clinical practice.

Studied Shoni Hari Before?

Kuwahara-sensei will delve deeper into Shonihari, in particular, he will cover:

  • Use of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels  

  • Application of Meridian Therapy Sho (pattern) determination and appropriate Root Treatment

Kuwahara-sensei is one of only two people allowed by Tanioka Masanori Sensei, who holds this family lineage of Daishi Hari, to teach this style of treatment in the West.

This is a wonderful way to DEEPEN your knowledge; Kuwahara-sensei's has 40+ years of experience!

At the completion of this seminar you will learn:

  • To recognize and treat the most common pediatric complaints

  • The integration of Meridian Therapy root Tx into your practice

  • To incorporate the 8 Extraordinary Vessels into treatments

  • Unique diagnostic techniques with special emphasis on the refinement of your palpation & touch

  • How to give a whole-body shonishin treatment for all ages

Brief Overview of Seminar...

Shonihari (sho=small; ni=child; hari=classical acupuncture) is a specialized pediatric style of acupuncture that developed in the 1700s in the Osaka region of Japan. It offers safe and gentle treatment using special pediatric needles and other tools lightly stroked or tapped on acupuncture points and meridians. Needles are not inserted into the skin. Daishi Shonihari is the leading pediatric acupuncture style in Japan. It incorporates a unique stroking technique with the daishi needle, an affordable tool particular to this style.

Day 1

This event will teach you unique techniques for treating the most common conditions within the pediatric population. We will provide ample time to explore not only how to work with children, but how to apply techniques to adults too. We will utilize non-insertive acupuncture tools, e.g. Enshin & Teishin and learn basic meridian therapy techniques (diagnostics & treatment). Emphasis will be placed on treatment flow, patient-practitioner-parent interactions and the use of treatment tools. We will work in groups to help one another build skills and gain feedback. Treatment demonstrations will assist in understanding how to incorporate these skills into your practice. Ample time will be given for Q&A.


Day 2:

We begin with a review of concepts and techniques from Day 1. Our focus will be on management of common pediatric symptoms. We will devote time to understand how to integrate these techniques into meridian therapy that provide whole-body treatments for all ages. An overview (w/practice) of SHO (pattern) determination with focused attention on pulse and Hara (Abdominal) diagnosis will be provided. Although the specialized Teishin methods for meridian therapy and Daishi-hari Jaku-san techniques are designed for pediatric patients, these techniques can be used on anyone.  The seminar concludes with ample time provided for Q&A.

Instructor Bio

T. Koei Kuwahara, LAc

Takayuki Koei Kuwahara, LAc has been practicing Acupuncture and Ki therapy for forty years in Boston and Japan, employing both Japanese styles classical Acupuncture and Medical Ki therapy. After graduating from Tokyo Therapeutic Institute in 1979, he went on to complete an intensive five-year apprenticeship with Fukushima Kodo, renowned master and developer of the Toyo Hari system of acupuncture. Having taught for the Toyo Hari Association for 15 years, Mr. Kuwahara now teaches his own unique style of acupuncture that draws from the various systems practiced by his teachers: Sensei Masamichi Shimada (Kototama) Tetsuo Shiomi, Masakazu Ikeda, Denmei Shudo (Meridian therapy), Kunsei Kudo (Bloodletting), Masato Nakagawa (Shinkiko/ Ki-therapy), Masanori Tanioka (Pediatrics).


Since visiting to New England School Acupuncture as a guest instructor in 1991, he has continued teaching several courses and advanced training seminars worldwide. He is the editor of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture –Fundamentals and Clinical Guide of Meridian Therapy, and of numerous acupuncture articles. He has practiced Aikido and Iaido for 45 years. He lives in Watertown, Massachusetts and maintains a private practice

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