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TJM Seminars of Portland (503-372-6463) CA CE Provider #1137 

 Dr. Bear Style v2.0
Foundations & Adaptations

-Iwashina Tamo (Dr. Bear's son)

October 15, 2023 
(online only)
November 4-5, 2023
(in-person or online)
75 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209
In this combined online & in-person seminar, Tamo-sensei continues in the footsteps of his father & shares his pioneering Teishin treatments.

New Format; combined online & in-person event

The new structure allows for:

-More time for hands on practice; shifts didactic portions online

-Option to study from afar; in-person weekend will be live streamed

3 Price Options

Didactic/Intro Only

$100/$75 4 NCCAOM & 4 CA PDAs (Category 1; approved)

October 15, 2023 (3pm-7pm PDT)

(Live online / Recorded: Home Study option)

Full Seminar

$480/$360 16 NCCAOM & 16 CA PDAs (Category 1; approved)

October 15, 2023 (3pm-7pm PDT)

(Live online / Recorded: Home Study option)

November 4-5, 2023  (9am-5pm & 10am-4pm PDT)

(Hands-on & In Person)

Online Only Option*

$365/$275 16 NCCAOM & 16 CA PDAs (Category 1; approved)

October 15, 2023 (3pm-7pm PDT)

(Live online / Recorded: Home Study option)

November 4-5, 2023  (9am-5pm & 10am-4pm PDT)

(Live online / Recorded: Home Study option)

Refund policy:
90% refund applied if request received greater than 2-weeks from date of event
No refunds if cancellation received within 2-weeks of event*

We will practice, practice, practice until our hands really get it...

Join us to learn the effective use of Teishin for common musculoskeletal conditions

Join us in Portland as we welcome the lineage holder of the Dr. Bear style, Tamo Iwashina. 

New to using a Teishin?

This workshop is ideal practitioners looking to work in a more gentle manner, with a focus on non-insertive techniques. No experience in Traditional Japanese Medicine is necessary. Although the techniques are gentle in nature, the effects are profound and immediate. This seminar will focus on the foundational aspects of Teishin use and the Sanshin (contact needling) technique. 


You will learn new skills that can be immediately applied into your clinical practice.



Studied with Dr. Bear Before?

This is a wonderful way to DEEPEN your knowledge.

Dr. Bear always was pushing himself to improve his skills and his understanding.

All his most recent advances were shared with his son, Tamo Iwashina. 

Brief Overview of Seminar...

In this seminar we have asked Tamo Iwashina to discuss the use of Teishin for physical complaints. He will cover:

  • What the right and left hands should be doing

  • How to find points to treat

  • How to know if they points need to be tonified or reduced (his famous point checking method)

  • How to perform Sanshin (contact) needling

  • How to treat common musculoskeletal complaints, e.g. shoulder and low back pain

We allow time for hands-on practice with one another, and everyone will get the opportunity to briefly work with Tamo-sensei one-on-one. We will practice, practice, practice until our hands really get it! Tamo will share his core concept of “fundamental treatment,” a set of points that he checks on every patient because they are so broadly regulating. A focus of this seminar is on Sanshin (contact needling) for use on large areas of the body, not acupoints. 

With the Teishin techniques, the concept of fundamental treatment, and his Sanshin techniques you will have exciting new tools to bring into your practice; regardless of what style you currently use. We will watch Tamo-sensei give a few demonstration treatments; this way we can better appreciate what his style looks in actual practice.

More on Sanshin...

Contact needling in Japan is raised to a high art with many styles practiced. As in TCM style acupuncture, in which one needle is placed in a single acupuncture point and left for approximately 30 minutes, Sanshin techniques allow a practitioner to treat a region, e.g., the entire upper back.

Some styles of contact needling are performed at such a high speed and with such manual dexterity that it looks as much like a Las Vegas magic act as it does acupuncture. Dr. Bear’s style of Sanshin is as effective as any, but it has the advantage of being easily accessible to the learner. When used on the neck, abdomen, or back it is quite astonishing how much positive change occurs in such a short time without ever piercing the skin.


New Format; combined online & in-person event

The new structure allows for:

  1. More time for hands on practice; shifts didactic portions online

  2.  Option to study from afar; in-person weekend will be live stream

Part 1: Sunday October 15, 2023  (Online; 3-7pm PDT )

This portion of the training can be taken as a stand-alone seminar for those who simply want a brief look at the Dr. Bear style, its core elements, and its clinical thinking. In this lecture Tamo Iwashina will cover the theory and foundations of his father’s style. Tamo-sensei will cover in broad strokes Dr. Bear’s professional life story, including how he arrived at the decision to practice a non-insertive style of acupuncture. The lecture will cover the acupoints Dr. Bear included in his “Fundamental Treatment.” We will also discuss how Dr. Bear utilized this treatment. Although this is a lecture, we will make time for practical exercise9s, so be prepared with your teishin. We will utilize camera closeups to demonstrate and practice well executed oshide (left hand technique) and sashide (right hand technique). These techniques are of crucial importance. If you do not own a teishin, there is plenty of time still to purchase one. In a pinch, a toothpick could be used. 

Part 2: Sat/Sun November 4-5th (In-person or live-streaming*; 9-5 & 10-4 PDT )

On Day One  participants will practice the basics of the Dr. Bear style of teishin treatment, including his Point Checking Method, the concept of Fundamental Treatment, and his unique one-handed teishin technique. On Day Two attendees will learn how to treat two common musculoskeletal conditions: Low back pain and shoulder pain. The goal is for all participants to walk away with skills they can immediately use in clinic after the seminar.

*Live-streaming is a good faith effort to allow for remote participation. Although the priority will be to focus on the needs of our in-person attendees, we aim to provide this new option to capture the essence the ‘in-person’ portion of this seminar. Ample time will be provided for you to view demonstrations & treatments, practice techniques (at home) and participate in Q&A sessions.

Instructor Bio: Tamori Iwashina

Tamori Iwashina is a son of Anryu Iwashina (a.k.a. Dr. Bear). While working as an assistant at Dr. Bear's acupuncture clinic, he received a close apprenticeship from Dr. Bear for eight years. He took over his father's practice as the head of the clinic in 2021.

When Tamori was in the ninth grade, one of his teammates in the track and field got injured. Although his teammate was a very talented sprinter and a national team hopeful, unfortunately, he had to up his dream because of his injury. That was when Tamori wanted to help people with sports injuries with acupuncture. Although he first planned to specialize in sports medicine, as he witnessed his father treating many severe conditions such as kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, etc., he was fascinated by the endless possibilities of acupuncture medicine for numerous diseases. Thus, to be knowledgeable about Western medicine and various conditions, first, he enrolled in a nursing degree in college. He worked six years at a generation hospital and nursing home near Sendai-city, Miyagi prefecture. Then, he pursued the path of Eastern Asian Medicine, his dream of becoming an acupuncturist since his youth.


Starting in 2014, he has been teaching acupuncture and moxibustion at a study group led by Dr. Bear. In 2015, he accompanied and assisted Dr. Bear and taught acupuncture seminars at AIMC in Berkeley, California, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For more on his techniques:

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